SRRK-Twenty Face Rudraksha (SKRR0020)
SRRK-Twenty Face Rudraksha (SKRR0020)

SRRK-Twenty Face Rudraksha

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Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha/Twenty Faced Rudraksha represents Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and includes the nine planets and nine directions. This is a great healing bead. This rudraksha helps to enrich its wearer's knowledge of the philosophy of life, science, art, and music. This holy Hindu rosary bead spiritually enlightens the wearer and brings him closer to Lord Brahma. The Twenty Faced Mukhi provides its users with the necessary energy for creation and brings prosperity in life. Suitable for businessmen, servicemen, public administrators, and homemakers, this product increases spiritual knowledge. It helps in curing various health-related issues such as eyesight problems. It also succors to people with diabetes.

Way of Wearing :

The Twenty Faced Rudraksha should be capped with panchdhatu/gold/silver only. It can be adorned around your neck or your wrist as well.


This is an Authentic Rudraksha bead.

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