SRRK-One Face Rudraksha (SKRR0002)
SRRK-One Face Rudraksha (SKRR0002)

SRRK-One Face Rudraksha

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The One Faced Rudraksha / Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is the most auspicious in its existence. It is the symbol of Godhood. The One Mukhi Rudraksha is itself Lord Shiva, the God who has created the entire world, the creator of language, dance, music and Ayurveda and Lord of love and for the cycle of birth and death. It is the main among all Rudrakshas of all faces. According to the mythological books peace and pleasure abide in the house where one faced Rudraksha is worshiped. There is no fear of untimely death. One who gets it and worships it obtains not only all the worldly pleasures during his life span but also remains unaffected by them.This rudraksha enhances the powers of the mind like concentration and confidence.

Way of Wearing :

One Faced Rudraksha should be capped with gold or silver and should be worn around the neck or be placed at the worshiping place, chanting the mantra.


This is an Authentic Rudraksha bead.

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