SRRK-Fifteen Face Rudraksha (SKRR0015)
SRRK-Fifteen Face Rudraksha (SKRR0015)

SRRK-Fifteen Face Rudraksha

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Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha/ Fifteen Faced Rudraksha which is astrologically believed to be is the symbol of Lord Pashupatinath. The famous Pashupatinath temple is located in Kathmandu in Nepal and is revered by all Hindus. he ruling planet Rahu. It helps one get focused on thoughts, and then act according to them. Which enables one to deal sensibly with even the most adverse of situations. This Rudraksha wards off all ill-effects as caused out of the presence of Rahu in a weak or malefic state in one�€™s horoscope. It confers one with high energy levels, which helps one to grow in both the physical world and the spiritual world.

Way of Wearing :

The wearer should this Rudraksha on monday. Should cap the Rudraksha bead in gold or silver metal and strung it in red thread. It should be worn around the neck or kept at the Altar while chanting the mantra.


This is an Authentic Rudraksha bead.

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