SNKD-Upadesam Sivan (SNCK011)
SNKD-Upadesam Sivan (SNCK011)

SNKD-Upadesam Sivan

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Navarathri Golu Dolls: Upadesam Sivan
Quantity: 1 Piece
Material: Paper Mache
Part Number: SNCK011
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Dimensions: 7.5 Inches Length X 6.5 Inches Width X 12.5 Inches Height.
Weight: 4.5 Kg
Upadesam Sivan

There are references in the Purnas, especially the Skanda purana about Lord Subrahmanya teaching Lord Shiva, His Father the meaning of OM.
And it is said that the place where He is reported to have done the Upadesa is Swamymalai, near Kumbakonam,Tamil Nadu.

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