SNKD-Rajagopalaswamigal (SNCK014)
SNKD-Rajagopalaswamigal (SNCK014)


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Navarathri Golu Dolls: Rajagopalaswamigal
Quantity: 1 Piece
Material: Paper Mache
Part Number: SNCK014
Availability: In Stock
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Dimensions: 11 Inches Length X 6 Inches Width X 15 Inches Height.
Weight: 10 Kg
Sri Rajagopalaswamy temple is located in the town of Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu, India. The presiding deity is Rajagopalaswamy, a form of Lord Krishna. The temple is called Dakshina Dwarka (Southern Dwarka) along with Guruvayoor by Hindus. Lord Krishna appears as a shepherd boy with a whip on hand and turban-wearing a dhoti. He has butter on the right hand, an ornament around the hip, key bunch, bangles in hand, and jewels of children. There are cow and two calves by His side.

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