SNKD-Garudan Sridevi Boodevi Set (SNCK013)
SNKD-Garudan Sridevi Boodevi Set (SNCK013)

SNKD-Garudan Sridevi Boodevi Set

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Navarathri Golu Dolls: Garudan Sridevi Boodevi
Quantity: 1 Piece
Material: Paper Mache
Part Number: SNCK013
Availability: In Stock
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Dimensions: 18 Inches Length X 7 Inches Width X 14 Inches Height.
Weight: 5 Kg

Sri Garuda, the carrier of Lord Vishnu, is the most worshipable, for he is as powerful as the Supreme Lord Himself. He is the personified Vedas and is worshiped by selected verses. He protects us from all dangerous conditions. In the Vedic literature it is stated that the two wings of the transcendental bird Garuda, are two divisions of the Sama Veda known as brihat and rathantara. When Garuda flaps his wings, one can hear the chanting of the hymns from Sama Veda. Garuda is engaged in eternal service to Lord Vishnu in Vaikuntha. Every temple of Lord Vishnu has a Deity of Garuda sitting in front of the Lord with folded hands. Sri Garuda is also known by the names: Pakshiraja, Vainateya, Suparna, Garuthman, Periya Tiruvadi, Vinatasuta, Vishnuvahana, Nagantaka and Kashyapeya. Every year, on the day of Garuda Panchami, the Deity of Sri Garuda is offered an abhisheka and vishesha alankara.

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