SNKD-Desigar (SNCK005)
SNKD-Desigar (SNCK005)


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Desigar: Navarathri Golu Dolls
Material: Paper Mache
Quantity: 1 Piece
Part Number: SNCK005
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Dimensions: 8 Inches Length X 6 Inches Width X 13 Inches Height.
Weight: 4.5 Kg

Navarathri Golu Dolls: Desigar

The Pioneer Who Established Adheenam ( Mutts, Dynasty) Are Known As "Desikar" Or "Desikar Paramacharya", Pontiff In English. Most Of The Pontiffs Are Brahmacharis Maintains Celibacy. Only A Few Became Samsaris. So Only a Few Mutts Followed The Successive Pontiff By Lineage. But Most Of The Adheenam Select The Pontiff By "Guru Shishya Parambara". Ancient Tamil History Pronounces That Saivaite Religion Or Sector Doesn't Have The Casteism. After The Invasion Of The Other Races, Casteism Dominate A Prominent Role In The Saivaite Unknowingly. So. The Successive Pontiffs Are Selected Or Elected From The So-Called Various Communities. Hence Few Of The Mutts Only At The Hands Of Desika Paramacharya Lineage.

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