SNGD-Getwell Anjaneyar (GSNF035)
SNGD-Getwell Anjaneyar (GSNF035)

SNGD-Getwell Anjaneyar

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 Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Rama .Lord Hanuman, known as the Lord of Celibacy was an ideal "Brahmachari" or called Naistika Brahmachari in Sanskrit and is one of the central characters of the Indian Epic Ramayana . As one of the Chiranjivi, he is also mentioned in several other texts, such as the Mahabharata and the various Puranas. Hanuman is the son of Anja ni and Kesari and is also son of the wind-god Pawan (Vayu), who according to several stories, played a role in his Avatar. 

Size Specification:-

Height- 12 Inches



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