SNGD-Athi Varadar-M01 (GSNF036)
SNGD-Athi Varadar-M01 (GSNF036)

SNGD-Athi Varadar-M01

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Athi varadar raising once in 40 years at Kanchipuram Varadaraja Temple,Goddess Saraswathi had a misunderstanding with her husband Brahma and in a fit of anger took away his divine wand to retrieve which he performed the Aswamedha yagna in the Athi forest (Fig forest), now Kanchipuram. Aided by the Asuras, the demons, Sarawati runs as the Vegavathi river and tries to interrupt the Yagna, when Vishnu emerges from the holy fire as Athivaradhar. Saraswati is pacified and the yagna continues. Viswakarma carves out a body for Athivaradar using a fig tree and He then agrees to stay in Kanchipuram atop the Elephant Hill.

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Length 12 Inches



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