SNPD-Thiruparkadal Set (SNPK0034)
SNPD-Thiruparkadal Set (SNPK0034)

SNPD-Thiruparkadal Set

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Material: Paper Mache
Quantity: 1 Set
Part Number: SNPK0034
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Dimensions: 8 Inches Height.
Weight: 4 Kg


Thiruparkadal has a rarest among the rare, temple in the country, where Thirumal stands on God Siva to show the world, the amalgamation of Vaishnavism with Saivism and to enlight both of them are one and the same. Thiruparkadal village, known as Karapuram in ancient times, is a scenic fertile area surrounded by greenish fields and is the site of two Sivan temples and two Vishnu temples. This is the location where Lord Vishnu lay on Adisheshan to prevent the gushing Sarasvathi river from disrupting and destroying the yagha performed by Lord Brahma to seek the grace of Thirumal at Kanchipuram.

Size Specification:-

Height- 8 Inches

Material-Made of Paper mache

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