SNDP-Nava Bhakthi Set (SNPK211)
SNDP-Nava Bhakthi Set (SNPK211)

SNDP-Nava Bhakthi Set

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Material: Paper Mache
Quantity: 1 Set (10 Pieces)
Part Number: SNPK211
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Dimensions: 10 to 15 Inches Height.

The Nine Steps Of Devotion:


2.Keerthanam- Sing

3.Smaranam- Think Over / Always Remember

4.Pada Sevanam-Surrender The Lotus Feet

5.Archanam -Worship


7.Dhasyam-Execute Orders / Dutiful


9. Athma Nivedhanam-Completely Surrender.

Size Specification:-

Height- 10-15 Inches

Material : Made of Papermache

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