SNPD-Mayabazar  (SNPK0028)
SNPD-Mayabazar (SNPK0028)


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Material: Paper Mache
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Dimensions: 3 to 13.5 Inches Height.
Weight: 6 Kg


Ghatotkacha is an important character in the Mahabharata. His name comes from the fact that his head was hairless (utkaca) and shaped like a ghatam. Ghatotkacha was the son of the Pandava Bhima and the rakshasi Hidimbi.

Ghatotkacha was very powerful like his Father Bhima and it is said that his strength was equal to that of 1000 elephants. He had the powers of a rakshasa as well as magical abilities. He is also known for being very large.

Size Specification:-

3 to 13.5 Inches Height.

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