SNDP-Krishna Leela Set (SNPK080)
SNDP-Krishna Leela Set (SNPK080)

SNDP-Krishna Leela Set

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Krishna leela 

He is so many things. If we want to taste an essence of what it means when we say Krishna, if we want to be touched by the consciousness that we refer to as Krishna, we need Leela.Leela means, it is the path of the playful. For example, The Krishna Leela actually are a collection of tales of the antics of Krishna as a child below 10 years of age.Though they are much maligned and misinterpreted the fact is that these are from the legends of Krishna, who was actually a real living person, where he had been a very mischievous child and had been loved by his people for his innocent pranks. His mischiefs with the Gopies at Vrindavan also included in Krishna Leela. He made a lesson to Gopies the foolishness of nude-bath in river.But, all those Leelas were lessons for human and steps for them to praise Him.He sent Kaliya, the Serpant, from the River Jamuna and freed the river from fear to people. He lifted the Mount Govardhan in his hands to protect his friend-circle from rain. And also Krishna do so many Leela's. 

Size Specification:-

Height- 2- 9 Inches

Material-Made of Paper mache

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