SNPD-Karthigai Pengal  Set (SNPK0033)
SNPD-Karthigai Pengal Set (SNPK0033)

SNPD-Karthigai Pengal Set

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Made of Papermache,Size :- Height :-8 to 9 inch

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Part Number: SNPK0033
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Dimensions: 10 to 12 Inches Height.
Weight: 5 Kg

Karthigai Pengal

Lord Shiva has another important eye on His forehead. He opened His forehead eye and used His all power to create Six Great Fire Sparks emitting heat energy. Now once again Devas started to be suffering from the heat energy came from that fire sparks. So all of them ran again to Lord Shiva to get His grace. Lord Shiva called Lord Agni(God of Fire) and Lord Vayu(God of Air) to carry those great fire sparks. But, fire sparks were so powerful that those Gods could not get near them. God Shiva gave power to carry them and ordered to drop them in the holy river Ganges.Then the fire sparks had been cooled down and changed to six beautiful babies and they were lying on six beautiful lotus flowers. Lord Shiva arranged six beautiful maidens called "Karthigai Pengal"(Women of Karthiga) to look after the babies. When the babies attained a certain age Lord Shiva blessed them and made them as one person (i.e.) God Muruga.

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