SNPD-Vilakku Poojai Set  (SNPK0001)
SNPD-Vilakku Poojai Set (SNPK0001)

SNPD-Kamakshi Vilakku Poojai Set

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Material: Paper Mache
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Dimensions: 4 to 11 Inches Height.
Weight: 4.5 Kg
Start with Ganesha stotram and proceed with slokas given the below pictures. It's about imvocating Goddess/ Aavaahanam seithal. Chant upto “Nanavidha mantra pushpani samrpayami After finishing the archanai show the dhoopam, dheepam, karpooram and do pradhakshinam & namaskaram.Give thaamboolam for Sumangalis/mard women and finish the pooja. It takes one hour to chant these slokas and finish the pooja. Distribute the thamboolam to your friends & relatives if you have invited any married ladies to your house. To perform this pooja in the morning hours,u can light the lamp in the evening.Should keep neivedyam, thaamboolam as stated above and do this pooja

Size Specification:-

Height- 4-11 Inches

Material-Made of Paper Mache

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