SNPD-Kailasa Parvatham Set  (SNPK0006)
SNPD-Kailasa Parvatham Set (SNPK0006)

SNPD-Kailasa Parvatham Set

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Material: Paper Mache
Quantity: 1 Set
Part Number: SNPK0006
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Weight: 4 Kg
Size 7 to 8 Inches in Height.
Made of Paper Mache
Very Auspicious

KAILASA PARVATHAM or Lake Manasarovar is the highest body of freshwater lake in the world,[citation needed] fed by the Kailash Glaciers near Mount Kailash in Tibet Autonomous Region. The lake is revered a sacred place in four religions: Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.

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