SNPD-Beema Karva Bangam Set  (SNPK0010)
SNPD-Beema Karva Bangam Set (SNPK0010)

SNPD-Beema Karva Bangam Set

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Part Number: SNPK0010
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Dimensions: 4 to 11 Inches Height.
Weight: 4.5 Kg
In Mahabharata, When Dharmaraja Was Performing Rajasuyayaaga He Also Did Annadana, And Because Of The Crowd The Place Lost Its Sanctity. Hence To Gain The Sanctity Back Bheema
Sena Wanted To Go To Devaloka And Get Purusha Mrugam (It Is Said That Wherever Purusha Mrugam Is Present That Place Will Be Filled With Sanctity) . Bheema Was On His Way To Devaloka, He Met HANUMAN. HANUMAN, Who Was The Brother Of Bheema Wanted To Help Him And Destroy His Ego. So, Hanuman Took The Avatara Of An Old Monkey And Laid His Tail On The Ground. By Seeing This, Proud Bheema Asked The Old Monkey To Remove His Tail As It Was Obstructing His Way. But He Said That, He Was An Old Monkey So He Is Unable To Move His Tail And That Bheema Should Help Him By Lifting His Tail With His Little Finger And Continue His Journey. Bheema Made Many Attempts To Move The Tail, But In Vain. Bheema Then Realised That The Old Monkey Is None Other Than Lord Hanuman And Prostrated Before Him. He Then Requested Him To Help Him To Acquire Purusha Mrugram. Hanuman Gave Darshana In Sookshma And Viswarupa And Blessed Bheema By Giving Some Hair From His Tail, To Acquire Purusha Mrugram.

Size Specification:- 4 to 11 Inches Height. 

Material-Made of Papermache

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