SNCD-Magishasuramarthini  (SNMC034)
SNCD-Magishasuramarthini (SNMC034)


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Material: Clay
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Dimensions: 7 Inches Length X 3.5 Inches Width X 12 Inches Height.
Weight: 3.5 Kg

Mahishasura was a buffalo Asura in Hinduism. He is known among most sections of Hindus for his deception and as someone who pursued his evil ways by shape shifting into different forms. He was ultimately killed by Goddess Durga getting named Mahishasuramardini. It is an important symbolic legend in Hinduism, particularly Shaktism. The legendary battle of Mahishasura as evil and Durga as good is narrated in many parts of South Asian and Southeast Asian Hindu temples, monuments and texts such as the Devi Mahatmya. The story is also told in the Sikh text Chandi di Var, also called Var Durga Di, which many in Sikh tradition believe was included in the Dasam Granth by Guru Gobind Singh.

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