SKCU-Copper Panchapathiram (SKK007)
SKCU-Copper Panchapathiram (SKK007)

SKCU-Copper Panchapathiram

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Material: Copper
Quantity: 1 Piece
Part Number: SKK007
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Dimensions: 3 Inches Height.
Weight: 0.13 Kg
Panchapathiram Uthirani is used in performing all the Pooja activities and Plays an important part in the temples and home. The Panchapathiram Uthirani is made of Brass which prevents helps in avoiding illness and abnormalities. The Panchapathiram (vessel) is placed in front while doing pooja and water is filled in it. The Uthirani is dipped to take water from the vessel. Chanting mantras in front of the Panchapathiram creates a positive vibe to the water. It was considered as a medicine during olden days due to its anti-bacterial properties and avoids water-borne diseases In the temples, Pooja performed holy water is distributed using the Panchapathiram Uthirani.

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