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We are a leading manufacturer of Hindu temple projects, offering a wide selection of religious products made from Brass, Bronze, Silver, Copper, Fiber, and Black Granite Stone.

We accept custom work orders and offer onsite measurements and 
Wax Molds work services.
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Our Specialization!
  1. We specialize in creating custom statues made from a variety of materials, including marble, granite, bronze, brass, fiberglass, paper mache, and clay.
  2. Prabhavalli, Simhasan, Kavacham, Kreedam, and Jewelry, Thiruvachi we also create brass, copper, silver, and gold-plated decorations for God and Goddess idols, including
  3. We also specialze in making Vahana or Vahanam used in temple festivals, such as Garuda Vahana, Hanumantha Vahana, Nandi Vahana, Sesha Vahana, etc.
  4. Our services also include religious woodwork such as Temple Doors, Wooden Abhisheka Peedam, Wooden Statues and more.
  5. We offer a range of Temple Pooja Groceries, including Sandal Powder, Pooja Turmeric, Pooja Kumkum Powder, Vibhuti Powder, Teertha Powder, Abhisheka Powder, Vetiver, Kasturi, Aragaja Tikka, Javadhu, Samithu Collections, Peralmottu, Sitralmottu, Ashtabandhanam, Ganga Water, Rose Water, Gomutra Komiyam, Saffron, Dharbai, Koorcham, Pavithram, Sacred Threads, and Pavithra Mala.
  6. Other Temple Needs include Temple Hundi (donation box) and Customized Return Gifts, Kalash which can be purchased in bulk quantities.
Fresh Flowers & Garlands
We offer a variety of fresh flowers, leaves, and garlands for different purposes. Our selection of fresh string flowers includes Jasmine, Mullai, Kadhambam, Jathi, Kanakambaram, and many more. We also have loose flowers like Button Roses, Jasmine, Mullai, Lily, and Chamanthi.

In addition, we stock a range of leaves such as Mango Leaves, Banana Leaves, Betel Leaves, Arasa/Aala Leaves, Palash Leaves, and more.

For religious purposes, we have Pooja Garlands, Temple Garlands (Gajamala, Thomala), Wedding Garlands, and other specialty garlands like Cardamom Garlands, Cloves, and Vetiver Garlands. Our garlands are of high quality and suitable for various occasions.
Speical Pricing & Discount for Non-Profit Organizations.
We provide special pricing for Temples and non-profit organizations. We are confident that we can offer you the best deal and can even match the prices of other online or local retailers. Get a special discount on Wholesale & Bulk Products.

We accept payments in India, Australia, and the USA & Canda. We also offer custom invoicing tailored to match the requirements of each country.

Our other religious services include door-to-door shipping by air and sea, custom clearance, custom packing, heavy load handling, and archaeology services.
Here are some of our projects for the temple for your reference.
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