Your Account 

How do create an account?

Go to this page and click "CREATE ACCOUNT", then just fill in all the needed information and click "register". After submitting the form, your account will be confirmed and you will be notified. Otherwise, you have login credentials go to "Returning Customers" and fill your email and password information to login.

How can I retrieve my password?

You can retrieve your password by clicking "RESET MY PASSWORD”. Instruction on password retrieval will be sent to your email.

How do I change my personal details?

You can easily change all your information on your account.  Go to login page and log in, then click “MY ACCOUNT” and “edit”. Here you can change all your contact information.


Our web store is secured with an SSL certificate. This means the information you input is encrypted and it will not be available for third parties.


How can I order at Srishti?

You can order easily using our online platform. Visit us on and when you find a product you need, you can add it to cart, login and go through the ordering process.


What Kind of  Products do you have at Srishti?

We have a wide variety of Pooja Items, Idols and Statues of god and goddess, Holy Books, Religious Pooja Cloths, Silver items, Food Items, Flowers, Home, Garden, and Living Things, etc. Check out our collection on

Does Srishti  Guaranteed Authenticity & Warranty of its products?

All of our products are sourced from authorized distributors and are of premier quality. All products sold on are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. Our goal is to provide the best service with the best possible pricing. 

Payment Methods

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Credit Cards

At Srishti, our preferred payment method is via a secure credit card transaction. Rest assured, your card number will be protected using industry-leading encryption standards. We guarantee a safe shopping experience on our website. We accept all major credit cards. Orders completed with credit cards will not be charged any additional fees.


Stripe does not charge any additional fees to process Apple Pay payments.

What should I do if the payment is not accepted?

Please try again in a little while. If the payment is still not accepted, please verify your account balance. If everything is as it should, but you still can't make the payment, please email us at [email protected] and we will suggest alternates. We recommend that you check with your bank as well so that your next purchase will be effortless and straightforward.

How does Srishti prevent card fraud?

Online payments are monitored by our systems for any suspicious activity and some transactions are verified through extensive checks if we find that they are not authorized by the owner of the card. When we're not able to rule fraud out in rare cases, the transaction is kept on hold and we ask the shopper to share relevant proofs. This is done to make sure that the transaction is genuine and authorized.

Can I return a product?

If you want to return a product, please contact [email protected]


Can I track my order?

Log in to your Srishti account. To track your orders, go to My Account and you can see the Track your Recent Orders Section. Click the View Details button. At the bottom of the page, you can see the tracking number. Click the Tracking Number and you can see your tracking details on another page. You can view the product journey from order to delivery with the Shipping Carrier. Click here for more details.

Shipping time?

Shipping time will be confirmed on the order confirmation document.

Shipping cost?

Shipping costs are dependent on your location and products on your order. Our online store shows the shipping fee and shipping cost automatically on the checkout.

Changing the shipping address?

You can easily change your shipping address on your account. You just need to login and click “MY ACCOUNT” and “edit”.  You can also change the shipping address during the checkout process if you need it.