Importance of Navarathri 

"Nava" mean nine and "ratri" means night in sanskrit language. The worship will be to the nine forms of the Hindu deity Durga

Why  Navratri/Navarathri  Celebrated?

The festival is celebrated to worship the goddess Durga Devi. She is the supreme goddess.  This form of the goddess has nine different aspects. Navratri/Navarathi therefore is been dedicated to the worship of nine aspects. . 

During Navratri and Navarathri Golu Decoration , main goddesses Saraswati, Parvati, and Lakshmi are worshiped as well. The focus of Navratri/Navarathri  though is the triumph of good over evil energy.

Charm of Golu surround us during this festive period. What is more interesting is to note the similarities and differences in the collection of dolls across households, across families.