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Geetha Upathesam

All of us face problems in our life. we all some times yearn for guidance, like the great Arjuna . We yearn for divine intervention during crisis.Believe. me we also get our messages delivered from time to time, which we ignore, or fail to absorb. Iam going to narrate an incident here. OneDay I was in the lift with two little boys who always reminded the little naughty Tom Sayer of Mark Twain. the young lads had two long broom sticks in their hands. with a friendly smile I asked them. To throw away the sticks lest they may poke each other by mistake. They gave me a stern look and declared that they will not do any harm to any one . they said," we know every thing. Because we are in first standard.. Saying this to me they went out of the elevator,leaving me dumb founded. This incident taught me a lesson. Henceforth when ever I was tempted to offer an opinion or advise to the next young generation I pause a little and think before offering advise when not wanted. Like our elders used to tell us , you better. Listen to elders. We can not offer our advise to the younger generation, Because "they know every thing "

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